I want to capture the moments that will tell your life’s story. 

I want you to be able to treasure them for years to come and then pass those moments on to your loved ones to do the same. I want those moments to be authentic, and filled with your unique personality ... and I want to have a ton of fun while doing it. If you think these are some things that you want too, I can’t wait to hear from you. 

"There was never any doubt we had made the right choice..."

- Liz + Justin


"To this day we are completely floored by how good she made us look, how comfortable she made us feel, and how beautiful the photos turned out – and that’s just the start!...”  

- Taylor + JJ

 "I can’t explain how or why, but Lauren makes it so easy to be in front of her camera when you’ve got absolutely zero experience being photographed..."

- Meaghan + Jeff


"When it came time to choose a photographer for my own wedding, it was a no brainer..."

- Angela + Alex


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