"...We're thrilled with the final product, which we've hung and admire regularly..."



The photo album. Thought of by some as a thing of the past, a thing you'll "get around to" putting together by printing your own images and filing them into the empty slots. Somewhere along the way, the treasured and classic photo album got lost into a digital folder on your laptop or your phone. Let me tell you that these photo albums are not something that only your parents used to do, but they are exactly what you want to preserve those moments that will make up the volumes of your life. 

As one of the few tangible things you will take away from your wedding day, investing in a beautiful, tailored album will be something you will be so happy you did. 

As your family continues to grow, designing that year's updated family portraits into the latest coffee table album will not only allow you to easily show off your favourite images, but will seamlessly turn into an heirloom to be passed down through generations.

These albums are made with the finest materials, with a variety of textured covers and on the highest quality archival paper designed to last a lifetime. They are modern, timeless and waiting to be filled with your favourite life moments. 



The feeling you get when opening your album and reliving your previous chapters as a story is one that never gets old. Even better? The next generation will love it even more!




FRAMED PRINTS               CANVASES               STANDOUTS              

Put your memories on the wall and have an ideal focal point for any room. Personalize your space with your favourite moments as a single or group arrangement. I will work with you to design the perfect selection, style and location of images and show it to you on the walls of your own home before you even place an order! 


There is nothing that makes your house feel more like a home than personalized imagery on your walls. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the images you’ve invested in, on a daily basis.




It’s common that families have a handful of favourite images they would love to have in print. This updated version of the “wallet prints” allows those top images to be stored and showcased in a modern leather pouch. Prints are 5x7 in size with a crisp white border.     

Why I love them?

They’re functionality allows them to be showed off with ease and then stored away safely in no time. The pouch can easily be thrown into a purse or onto the mantle without being out of place. A cool exterior to keep some of your favourite moments in for safe keeping.




The alternative to a framed wall portrait, a matted print is perfect to fill the smaller areas in your home or office. The thick white matting makes your favourite images pop, and can stand-alone or be put into your own frame!

Why I love them?

The mat adds that little bit of extra “something” to an image and completely draws in your eye. Compared to a loose print, the mat can act as a frame for your image and can be moved wherever you like with ease! 




Sometimes there just isn’t enough wall space or you can’t let go of any of your favourites. Come away from your session with an archival copy of all the images in your gallery – perfect for archiving, social media sharing + small loose prints.

Why I love them?

This item is perfect for clients who loved their entire session, but only have room on the walls (or in the budget) for a few favourite prints or products. An archival collection is perfect to look back on all of your images for years to come!



Giving the gift of photography is something that will truly never go out of style. Available in any amount, gift certificates can be used towards session fees and products alike. Registry programs are also available for brides and grooms looking to get a few extra hours of coverage or the custom wedding album they had their eyes on. Inquire for more details! 


For details on any products, please contact me using the link below. I designed the collection to fit any occasion or budget, so please don't hesitate in requesting information on additional offerings!