Getting Ready “Cheat Sheet”

Here are a few tips + tricks I’d love to share to help prepare you for the morning of your big day! None of these are strict rules, just a couple of guidelines that can help you get the most out of your photos!

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 5.24.44 PM.png


When you’re first trying to decide WHERE to get ready, I have a couple of thoughts to add to your decision making process!

  1. Try to look for somewhere that has plenty of natural light (window light). It’s the most flattering for photos and will likely also help your hair and makeup artists when they’re doing their work as well! A couple of large windows or sliding doors are just a dream!

  2. You’ll also want to look for rooms that are free of clutter and distracting elements. Choosing a room with (mostly) clean walls, and not a lot of distracting elements will help you stand out in your photos and not draw your eye to anything in the background!

  3. Pick somewhere that suits your style. If you love clean modern lines, it’s best to avoid a room with vintage or rustic decor. Similarly, it might be best to steer clear of a room that may not have a paint colour you love. It’s best to find neutral spots that won’t interfere with the look of your big day or colours your party will be wearing!

Also note that I’ll definitely scope out the house or hotel and set you up in the best space there is - those are just a few things to think about as you’re narrowing down your location options!



If you are a fan of detail shots and wanted me to get a few snaps of all the special items you’ve chosen, please try to have all of them in one spot for when I arrive. When you’re gathering up all your things in the morning – try to leave them in the same area so I can easily access them without having to bug you or steal you away from your pals! Some of these items could be:





Tie/Tie Clip



Any gifts (can stay wrapped)

Any heirlooms or special details




Any jewelry you’ll be wearing




Invitation (if you have one)

Any gifts (can stay wrapped)

Any heirlooms or special details

After you’ve got all your items together, give that “get ready” room one final sweep for items that might get in the way of the photos and you’ll be all set!



When you’re crafting your schedule for the morning of the big day, here are a couple things to keep in mind! First, I think it’s best to allow a little wiggle room for any unpredictable situations that might come up. Hair and Makeup may run a little late, a groomsman might get stuck in traffic, or it might take a few extra minutes to eat breakfast — who knows! Adding in a bit of extra time is always best to avoid any stress as we get closer to leaving (trust me on this one!) I will try my best to keep everyone on track for the timeline already in place, but it’s always better to be safe than to be rushed!

Second, I will also help let everyone else know to be dressed and ready before you are! You’ll both be the last to get dressed and ready to go so we can move right into some quick portraits before we head out the door! That means showers, hair, makeup and final touches for your family and crew are set to be done before yours. Plus, it’s always best to have everyone else in their wedding day attire instead of their PJ’s in the background of your photos getting into your dress or suit!

Third, some of you might have other vendors that need to know when you have to be ready! Brides, I’d love to have you ready (hair and makeup done) to get into your dress at least 1 hour before we leave the house or hotel room. This means that all the other ladies getting hair and makeup done are on the same schedule! Grooms, you’ll start getting into your suit about 45 minutes before! A quick reminder of these times will definitely come from me on the day of the wedding, but this is just a guideline to use with other vendors!

Last, allow a little bit of extra travel time if needed! Depending on how much time it takes to get to our next destination, don’t forget to factor this into your timeline too! (So many things to think about, eh?!)



  • Remember that you both need to have something to eat before all the festivities start! Keeping hydrated (…while you can) and having a quick bite is something you will thank yourself for around the 4:30pm mark!

  • Finally - Be yourselves. Play some video games, crack open a beer or pop a bottle of champagne and kick up your feet with your favourite people. There’s no “right way” to do a wedding morning prep - so do what you’d normally be doing with your group and I’ll document all the fun along the way.

Of course, I want you to take into account that every timeline and location is different so don’t feel bound by the list of tips above - they are just some helpful things to think about ahead of time that might make your lives a little easier!

OH, and one last thing! … Now that you’ve already thought of all these things, relax and have fun! You’re getting MARRIED!! :)

- Lauren